You can make realistic profit monthly by partnering with Darolls in the Cement business. We are a major distributor for Dangote Cement.

Why You Should Become our Partner for Dangote Cement
Nigeria, and Africa at large is developing rapidly; just as the population is rising, Infrastructures are being erected and cement is a fundamental material for construction work such as bridges, roads, houses, monuments, etc.

With the huge population in Nigeria and Africa at large, coupled with the present housing problems facing the government; this means that there is a present and future demand for cement as the government and private real estate investors try to meet the housing needs.

The federal government of Nigeria is currently implementing a plan that will require cement to be used for road construction. With foresight, you know what this means.

We want to reiterate that there is so much money to be made as a cement partner /distributor. Even right here in NIGERIA, you can still function as a cement distributor while still working your day job. Isn’t this amazing? You can make a realistic profit monthly by partnering with Darolls.

If you don't have a space / capital to function as a distributor, you can still make reasonable income. All you need to do as a member of DSI is to connect us with any of your colleague, neighbour, relatives etc., who needs cement for their projects. A good commission will be worked out for you as we do the supply with our trucks. You neccessarily may not be part of the delivery operation... we will do the supply on your behalf and you shall receive an alert (from your bank) for your commission. So simple!

Additionally, as a member of DSI, if you decide to become a distributor, we may give you cement on credit and you make payment after sales. Isn't that what you need to move your business to the next level? We are ready to work with you and provide you with necessary tools / support to succeed.