Occasioned by our desire to provide a platform-based level playing ground, the right tools and adequate mentorship to our premium members at DSI whom we believe will excel optimally when given the right exposure, we are rolling out our suite of electronic products (platform tools) that provide solutions to a variety of human day-to-day record keeping operations in an effort to create an environment for adequately remunerating business opportunities. This way we believe we can improve on the individual and invariably make the society a better place to live in.

Our business opportunity initiative is a capacity building scheme where premium members take advantage of Platform Tools and services to enhance both personal and business productivity and efficiency, by utilizing Platform Tools in their operations, as well as optimise returns-on-investment when they use DSI solutions to provide economic services in their business operations.

We give only what we have! And this is why we retain the capabilities to constantly improve our products and increase the size of the product suite.

Our suite of tools currently comprise of faciities enumerated in the table below

SME Portfoliofor sharing ideas to attract DSI Angel Investors
SEMISfor streamlined processes in education and schools data management operations.
PMERPfor a result oriented approach in managing resources, monitoring activities and evaluating project outcome
eMarket Placefor online advertisement of goods product and services
eRealtorfor specialised and targeted RealEstate Advertisements.