T he transition from paper to digital environment brought about by advances in ICTs provides a unique opportunity to all businesses to promote transparency, accountability, participation, improve efficiency and provide better service delivery. And with increasing number of development projects to be carried out and limited funding allocation, it is vital to have an effective and useful tool for project monitoring and performance evaluation if businesses must achieve development objectives.

When businesses focus on sustainable and balanced development it becomes crucial for every approved programmes and projects of such business to be well managed, well implemented, within budget and on time to reap the expected benefits. All these can be achieved using a feature-rich and proven system to execute project monitoring processes both at high level and administrative level.

DSI-MERP is a DSI Platform Solution which evolved out of the necessity for a specialized system for documenting, analyzing and reporting the functions and performances of the activities and tasks of projects, from conceptualization to completion. And every DSI member who enlists as a DSI Consultant can take advantage of this tools to provide projects monitoring services to their clients while accumulating economic leverage.

At DSI we believe our members can bolster their income when they take advantage of DSI Platform resources to provide veritable services to their clients.