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Darolls Investment.

A single source of income is never enough. Investment in an alternative and reliable income stream is a wise way to ensure financial security in times of uncertainty. Darolls Investment offers you an amazing platform that allows your resources to work for you. You get up to 10% returns on your investments every 30 days!

It's an opportunity for you to secure a legitimate second or third means of income and guarantee a better future quality of life

We have earned the trust of our investors and improved lives over the years.
We make bold to say we cannot disappoint you.

Darolls! An investment partner you can trust.


There are two investment options available on the Darolls Investment Platform

Darolls Nigeria Limited is an indigenous company with a reputation for trust and sustainability in business practices. We have vested interests in Real Estate, Distribution of Dangote Cement and Agriculture.
After investing with us, you will receive a certificate of investment from our company and a corporate post-dated cheque of the invested amount to secure your investment!


Darolls Investment……secure the future

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